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Whut ?

 Cyrill Bläuer 1994

Yes what to write about yourself.

I like to photograph, yes thats it!




I was allowed early my first steps in photography dare, even if only privately. But for that I already know a lot, for example, that cameras do not get along very well with fine sand or even a fall from 3m, which surprised me at the time at the price.




With 22 find but now you make what out of it!  5 years later, my first official orders I have already behind me! I have noticed that it is an infinite enrichment to work together with different people and to let the different interests merge.

Finally, if everything is so merged, there is always a unique mixture that you can not copy even if you want it!


The passion corresponds for me to photography, combining mood, interest and feel the individual stimuli. Whether I photograph in my interest or in your interest, for me it makes no difference!


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